Currently we offer u-pick blueberries, cherries, peaches, and apples. Our unique location in Perrydale exposes our fruits to the summer diurnal effect. On most hot days the ocean air spills through the Van Duzer Corridor into Perrydale starting in the late afternoon till dark. This dramatic cooling causes a higher sugar content in ripening fruit. Our higher elevation and hilly ground allows killing frost to roll downhill during bloom. We often set a crop when lower valley areas don't. In addition our hill soils aren't as rich as the valley soil. This causes slight stress on the fruit that leads to increased sugar and taste levels.


Blueberries- We have seven varieties starting with Early Blue and ending with Elliot.


Cherries- We have over 15 varieties including favorites such as Bing, Rainier and Van as well as new selections to try like Sandra Rosa and Regina.


Peaches- 30 different varieties. From old favorites like Elberta, Veteran and Red Haven to the new Flaming Fury and Stellar series we have a peach for any taste. All our peaches are freestone canner types. Be aware though, that early varieties (Redhaven, PF5, etc.) will have harder to remove pits. Mid season and late varieties have easy pit removal.


Apples- Royal Gala, Jonagold, Honeycrisp