U-pick gives you the pleasure of picking your own delicious peaches while saving money at the same time. With tree ripened fruit you get to experience the full-flavor of a peach the way nature intended it, unlike store peaches which must be picked green to ship. Our peaches are unusually sweet due to our hilly ground and cooling eve breezes. Our customers know this, in fact we have customers who come from out of state for them. Currently, we close to 20 different varieties of peaches, so no matter what your taste, we have a peach for you. Our orchards are kept pruned down so no ladders are required for picking. Grass strips between rows makes for easy walking and cuts down on dust and mud. In addition, wagons are provided to help haul your bounty back to your car.


All our peaches are freestone canner types. Be aware though, that early varieties (Redhaven, PF5, etc.) will have harder to remove pits. Mid season and late varieties have easy pit removal.




Old Favorites- Red Haven, Elberta, Veteran, Canadian Harmony, Glohaven


Paul Friday Flaming Fury Series- PF-5 thru PF-31


Stellar Series- Coral Star, Autumn Star.



Picking Tips

- Ripe peaches bruise extremely easily, take care in every aspect of handling. Use gentle force, and don't squeeze. Put in boxes no more than two layers deep and separate layers with newspaper.

- Pick by gently grasping the peach and twisting off the stem. A ripe peach should come off the stem easily with only a minimum of force.

-The color of a peach doesn't necessarily determine ripeness. For instance Veterans are mostly yellow when ripe. A ripe peach will come off the stem easily and will be soft. Peaches picked too green will never ripen. Peaches soften after they are picked, but don't get sweeter.

-The best picking is usually farthest from the parking areas, also great fruit is often missed up high and in the interior of the trees. Please do not climb the trees though.

-Once home, put the peaches somewhere out of direct sunlight to finish ripening. The length of time will depend on the ripeness when picked. As a peach ripens it will become a richer color and peel easier.


Canning Information