Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours? - During the season we are open 7-days a week during daylight hours except on Saturday when we close at 1PM. The few exceptions to this are when we are forced to close an orchard due to poor weather or lack of fruit.


Do we need containers? - Yes, salad bowls or tupperware are ideal for blueberries and raspberries. For peaches bring low sided boxes and gently lay in a maximum of three layers. We also sell reusable boxes at the stand for a minimal fee.


Do you spray? - We are surrounded by grass seed fields with no other nearby orchards. As a result our pest problems are few. We do spray fungicide in winter/spring and insecticide in early summer if needed. Most of the spraying is completed while the fruit is still in it's "bud" stage.


Do we need ladders? - No. Our trees are all kept short and are easily reached for picking.


Do you sell picked fruit? - No, we are currently u-pick only. We have expanded our plantings this year however, and will offer picked fruit in the future.


Can we bring our pet? - No. This is a food production area, for liability and sanitary reasons, we request that you please leave pets at home.