At Perryhill Farm enjoy picking your own blueberries in a relaxed farm setting. Our field is u-pick only, so there is no competing with a commercial harvest or having to pick from the leftovers. The bushes are mature and most can be picked while standing, although vetran pickers know to look down low and inside the bushes for better berries. The season usually runs from early-July to mid-September give or take a week.


Varieties (in approx. order of ripening)


Early Blue - First of the season with nice large sweet berries.

Spartan - Very large size with excellent flavor, many peoples favorite

Patriot- A medium sized berry, good flavor, heavy yields means easy picking

Berkley- Classic variety. Medium to large berry with a more tart flavor.

Blueray- Very distinct mild flavor, large, firm fruit.

Darrow- Large to extremly large berry, great flavor, a favorite

Elliot- Late season variety, with medium sized fruit, and an excellent tart flavor.





Picking Tips

- Bring containers that aren't too deep to avoid crushing (salad bowls are perfect)

- Check the back of berries to determine ripeness, green=not ripe yet, red=getting close, blue=perfect

- Look for flagging tape to mark ripe rows, and don't be afraid to explore other parts of the field

- The best picking is usually near the end of the row farthest from the parking area (especially on longer rows)

- Look down low and inside bushes to find missed berries if picking is sparse