Perryhill Farm U-Pick blueberries, peaches, cherries, raspberries and apples


Open for U-Pick Blueberries.

See below for details.


Also remember that we do not allow dogs on the property, so please leave fiddo at home.


During the season our hours are Sun-Fri 8AM to 7PM and Saturday 8AM-1PM unless heavy rain or lack of crop forces a field closure. Cash or check only, no cards





Blueberries- Open for U-Pick. The end of the season is a few weeks away, but our late season varieties (Titans and Aurora) are at their peak now. Make sure to come out soon to stock up the freezer for the off-season.- Updated- 8-21-19


Peaches- Closed for ripening. The PF-28's went fast. We will have PF-35's and Autumn Star in a week or so to finish out the season.   -Updated- 8-25-19


Prunes-We have a tremendous crop of Brooks prunes and expect picking to start near the end of the month. -Updated- 8-15-19


Apples- Everything looks good so far and we are expecting to start with Honeycrisp in early Sept. -Updated- 8-15-19


Raspberries- Closed for the season. We are looking forward to a much larger crop next year.- Updated- 7-29-19


Cherries- Closed for the season. Thank you to all our customers for a great year! Updated- 7-17-19





2019 picking seasons and prices:

Blueberries Late June to early Sept.


Cherries Mid June to mid. July


$2.00/lb Rainier and Pie

Raspberries Early to Mid July


Peaches Late July. to early Sept.


Apples Mid. Sept. to Late Oct.




Things to Know

-Cash or check only, no cards or vouchers

-Bring your own containers

-Weigh containers before picking

-Pick, return to stand and pay when done

-No ladders required, all fruit within easy reach

-See FAQ and links above for more information