Perryhill Farm U-Pick blueberries, peaches, cherries, raspberries, prunes and apples


Open all day for U-pick Cherries, Raspberries and Blueberries. See below for details.


Also remember that we do not allow dogs on the property, so please leave fido at home.


During the season our hours are Sun-Fri 8AM to 8PM and Saturday 8AM- 8PM (temporarily for the next few weekends then 1pm again) unless heavy rain or lack of crop forces a field closure. Cash or check only, no cards





Cherries-Now is the time to come stock up on delicious Rainier blush cherries. Our upper orchard has a tremendous crop. This is the height of the season with easy picking and lots to choose from. For dark cherries we have bing, christilina and sandra rose available. Lapins will open Monday. Best picking is near the ends of the rows away from the parking area. The pie cherries are picked out for the season. All cherries $1.50/lb. Updated- 7-12-20


Raspberries- Lots of nice berries available with good picking. The season will slowly wind down over next 10 or so days so come out soon to stock up. For the biggest and best berries look lower down on the bushes (they ripen from the top down), and towards the ends of the rows. $2.50/lb Updated- 7-12-20


Blueberries- Open with Early blue, Berkeley, blueray, Patriot and Darrow available. Picking is sparse due to slow ripening, but is best farther down the Berkeley and Darrow rows. Anyone looking for larger quantities and being able to pick whole bunches should wait a couple weeks. $1.25/lb- Updated- 7-12-20


Peaches- Our earlier optimism for a good crop was misplaced. We ended up with poor pollination and fruit set in pretty much all varieties except redhaven and Canadian harmony. It's unfortunate, but we just didn't get warm enough dry weather back in march when it mattered. We do expect to have limited openings for u-pick for the mentioned varieties starting in late July. -Updated- 6-17-20


Apples- We are expecting a good crop of Honeycrisp and Gala and a lighter than normal crop of Jonagold. The season should start in mid-sept  -Updated- 6-17-20


Prunes-We have another good crop of brooks this year that should start in early September. -Updated- 6-17-20






2020 picking seasons and prices:

Blueberries Late June to early Sept.


Cherries Mid June to mid. July


Raspberries Early to Mid July


Peaches Late July. to early Sept.


Apples Mid. Sept. to Late Oct.




Things to Know

-Cash or check only, no cards or vouchers

-Bring your own containers

-Weigh containers before picking

-Pick, return to stand and pay when done

-No ladders required, all fruit within easy reach

-See FAQ and links above for more information