Perryhill Farm U-Pick blueberries, peaches, raspberries, cherries and apples



Open for U-Pick Peaches, Blueberries and fall Raspberries.



We are closed Saturday's after 1PM otherwise 8AM to dusk everyday. Please make note, thanks.



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Peaches- Open for U-Pick. The season is getting close to the end. We still have some Glowing Star, Veteran's and PF-27 but most of what is out there isn't quite ripe yet. If you come out expect to have to look around quite a bit for ripe fruit and getting large quantities will be difficult. -Updated 8-24-14


Blueberries-Open for u-pick. Picking is winding down. We still have some Darrow out there, but you will need to look around more to find berries. Make sure to look near the ends of the rows. -Updated 8-21-14


Raspberries- Open for U-Pick. Our fall varieties have started. Please remember that they ripen over a long period of time and require multiple pickings so getting large quantities is harder. - Updated 8-17-14


Cherries-Closed for the season. If you missed out, we should have a much bigger crop next year. -Updated 6-28-14



Apples- We've had a good crop set and are looking forward to the start of the season. Check back for updates. Updated 6-9-14


We are looking forward to a very good crop on most fruit varieties this year

Expected 2014 picking seasons and prices:

Blueberries Late June to early Sept. $1.00/lb
Raspberries Late June to mid July. $1.25/lb
Peaches Late July. to early Sept.


$0.80/lb 100+lbs

Apples Mid. Sept. to Late Oct.


Cherries Late June to mid. July $1.50/lb


During the season we are open 8AM to dusk 7-days a week except Saturday after 1PM, unless rain or lack of crop forces a field closure.


Things to Know

-Bring your own containers

-Weigh containers before picking

-Pick, return to stand and pay when done

-No ladders required, all fruit within easy reach

-See FAQ and links above for more information